About Me

1919168_1224752389774_6570149_nI’m Becky Ray.

I am a Georgia native.  I am a follower of Christ.  I have a wicked sweet tooth.

I am older than I look and wiser than I act.  Most of the time.  😉

I have a master’s degree in a life-long passion – puppetry.  Yes, you can major in that!

I was diagnosed with Lupus in 1995.  The IV treatments that were making me better always made me sick.  My kidneys almost shut down twice. This was how I spent my college years.  Through this challenging time I made some amazing friends – they are still my friends today and have been supporting me throughout this journey.

After many experiences and adventures, my kidneys have decided that they don’t want to work anymore.  I am on dialysis, and I am in need of a transplant.  It’s a waiting game, but there is a lot to be done during the waiting.  I’m working on my fundraising (http://patients.transplants.org/beckyray), I volunteer at church a lot, and I’m looking for a living kidney donor (https://beckyray.wordpress.com/become-a-living-donor/).



5 Responses to About Me

  1. Amy says:

    for what it’s worth, i think the bio turned out great…

  2. chaotic joy says:

    You got to watch a recording of Sesame Street? We are Sesame Street junkies in this house. And by we, I mean me. Truly.

  3. Michelle "Winkles" Morse says:

    Becky Ray! How wonderful to find you through a random string of events. I think about you often and I love this Blog! email me, check out my myspace- butterflybelle06-, etc. I would love to catch up with you!!!!

  4. Becky Ray you amaze me! i dont have the words to express it!

  5. Don Little says:

    I can not believe you are in Moncks Corner and have not even stopped by. looks like you are keeping active.

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