An Update for the New Year

I know, I know, you want to know what’s going on. So much has changed in the last few months that I knew I needed to write one big blog post to fill everyone in. If you have sent me messages or emails asking for an update, I admit it, I’ve just been ignoring them because there was just too much to say. So here is the update, and it’s a long one, for everyone that is still following this crazy turn my life has taken.
I guess the biggest change is that I have moved back in with my parents in Lawrenceville, GA. There were several factors that led to this decision. The first is a very happy reason. As you all know, I was living with my sister and brother-in-law, Carrie and Jason, in Orlando. Well, we learned that their family is going to get a little bit bigger in May because they are expecting a little girl! I’m thrilled for them, and I’m so excited to be an aunt to my little niece. Although they made it clear that I didn’t have to leave and that they would make space for everyone, I wanted them to be able to have the normal excitement of preparing for their new arrival. Their house just isn’t big enough to accommodate us all comfortably. The second factor was another great gift. The short version is that I was given a beautiful cedar infrared sauna…for free! Saunas are used to draw toxins out of the body, and since my kidneys aren’t working properly, I’m chock full of toxins. But as I’ve already mentioned, space was an issue. Perhaps the biggest reason why I decided to move is that my health has continued to decline. I have quickly developed a nerve condition in my feet called neuropathy. Basically the bottom of my feet and my toes are completely numb, except for the sensation of pain. If I am on my feet for any length of time during the day, my feet burn and sting. It feels like I know longer have feet, just flames shooting out of my ankles. I’ve mentioned many times my struggle with Restless Leg Syndrome, and it has only gotten worse. My body keeps building up a tolerance for the medications used to treat it, so I max out the dosage and have to switch drugs a lot. These two health issues have made it almost impossible to drive because my legs start getting twitchy, and I can’t feel the pedals. My mom is retired, and my dad drives a school bus, so they are both home a lot, and they have the time to take me to the places I need to go. The final factor contributing to my decision to move is the donor/transplant saga. I just felt that doors kept closing on me, that maybe I should seek other options.
Now that the move is complete, I know it was the right decision for now. I have plenty of room for my sauna and all my medical equipment in my new room. I have my own bathroom, so I know that the risk for contamination after transplant is lower. My mom is carting me around to most of my appointments. I feel a lot more at ease, and I am able to relax a little more.
As for the donor situation, I am planning to get on the transplant list that Emory and Piedmont Hospitals share. I am hoping that now that more of you will consider being a living donor since now the transplant can take place in the Atlanta area. I’m not on the list yet, so if you are considering it, wait until I give the go ahead. As far as donor updates, I’ve learned that I have been sharing too much. If I tell everyone I’ve got a possible donor, that keeps anyone that was thinking about applying from doing so. Then when something happens and the deal goes south, there’s no back-up plan. That’s why everything is taking so long. Just so you know, the second donor in Orlando is still willing, but more testing needed to be done, so that is still a waiting game. I’m hoping that since Atlanta is more my home that I’ll have a greater response. I just have to play my cards a lot closer to my chest so I’m not hindering those that would apply. Remember, I need a donor with a B or O blood type. Positive or negative doesn’t matter. If you don’t know your blood type, here’s an easy way to find out what it is. I won’t even know you’re getting tested unless you tell me.
So that’s the haps. Even if I don’t respond to your messages and emails, they do mean a lot to me and I thank you for them. Hopefully I can update a little more often so there isn’t so much to say and one time. Thanks for all your prayers.

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One Response to An Update for the New Year

  1. ourkidscanstaydry says:

    It is hard to not be able to do much to help. We live just west of Athens and I’d love to let you meet the kids sometime, since you are so close now. They pray for you.

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