What Selflessness Look Like

Well, the auction on my blog didn’t work out so well.  Actually, it went okay, but I didn’t think I could use ebay/paypal without involving my bank account.  Then I discovered that you can request a check from paypal.  So I can just sign the check straight over to the fundraising account.  Once I figured that out, I started listing things on ebay and etsy.  If you’d like to take a look at what’s for sale, my ebay site is birdietoldme, and my etsy shop is bisforbirdietoldme.  (I wanted to name them “a little birdie told me,” but that was taken.)  I have a lot of stuff that I haven’t listed yet, so check back in a week or so to see more items.

Now that we’ve taken care of that business, let’s get to the real reason why I wanted to post today…here they are…

grace and katie

These two amazing girls, Grace and Katie, are the daughters of one of my best friends, Chrissy.  They have been working hard to stock their booth at Jasper Days in Missouri to raise money for MY transplant.  Can you even believe their selflessness?  How many kids do you know that would work this hard to raise money just to give away their profits?  I’m so humbled by them.

Now I know there will be someone out there that will think, “I can’t believe she’s going to accept money from those girls!” The truth is I would rather tell them to keep their money, but they have chosen to be a blessing, and I won’t take that away from them.

The stats are: I’ve got to raise at least $25,000 to cover my medical costs.  Right now I’ve raised about $12,000.  The only way I can reach my goal is if other people help me.  Have a yard sale, sell something on ebay, host a silent auction or a raffle, have a kickball tournament, or just find a way to make money using your skills and talents like Grace and Katie.  I’ve already asked my friends and readers to give enough out of your own pockets – now it’s time for my friends and readers to ask other people to give out of their pockets.  I’m going to be sending out a list of ideas and suggestions to those who have shown any type of support, from donating money to “liking” a status update.  Please consider being a blessing by helping me reach my goal.  I can’t do this alone.

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