Humbly Helping

My recent health situation has afforded me quite a bit of free time on my hands. Since I love arts and crafts, and I’ve dabbled in some sewing, I decided to check out a ministry at my church called Humble Hands. This is a group of ladies that sew and quilt and knit and crochet in the name of Jesus! Everything they make is an act of service and done in love and prayer. And they do some beautiful work. Since I’ve joined them, I have become quite the avid knitter, and now I don’t go anywhere without a knitting project to work on just in case I have a spare minute. I would love to try quilting someday, but I’ll stick with the knitting for now. Here are some pictures of my work….

1361897592645             pink blanket

I would rather show you some pictures of the ladies at Humble Hands, but I don’t have any. That will change this weekend. You see, these lovely ladies have been working very hard on a different project. They collectively decided that they would sponsor a garage sale, and they are generously donating the proceeds to my medical expenses. Now who’s humbled? Here’s an example of how much stuff there is to sell…



If you’re local, come to Wilder Lane in College Park Friday and Saturday 8-4. You’ll get some good deals and probably meet some amazing ladies!

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