On My Way

It’s been one week since I launched my fundraiser, and I’m so grateful for the results.  It’s amazing how God works.  I was facing what I thought was an unachievable amount of money.  The amazing thing is that my need has been lessened.  I have a friend from the ship that needs to move his stuff from Florida to Massachusetts, so we’re saving a ton of money by doing both at the same time.  What a relief!  The money that has been donated so far will probably cover the moving costs.  Any additional money that comes in will help me establish a new life in Orlando.  I don’t have a job there yet, so I would really like to have a little to live on while I look for a job.  If you feel compelled to give, that’s how the money would be used.

It feels a little strange to have a fundraiser for this.  I’m not dying, I’m not helping starving children in a foreign country.  I’m just a person that needs a fresh start.  I think everyone has an adventurous side – I just act on mine a little more than others.  Sometimes it works out, sometimes it costs me.  This whole experience has taught me a lot about myself.  I know more about what I’m willing to sacrifice and what I’m able to stand.  Most of all it has shown me that it pays to treat people with kindness and respect.  You never know what the future holds, and I’m so glad to have so many thoughtful friends.

Click here to donate.

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