Bring Becky Back

All my life I’ve always tried to follow where the Lord leads. When a decision needs to be made, I pray. I ask God to close every door but the one I should go through. Even when things happen that hurt me, that don’t make any earthly sense, I trust God. I literally don’t know how to make a decision without Him. Sometimes it feels like I’m standing on the edge of a cliff, wondering if He’s going to just push me off of it, and sometimes I wish He would. But I still trust Him. I still believe His word, His promises.

A year ago I thought my life could not be much better. I was working on a cruise ship in Hawaii. There’s a reason they call that place “paradise.” I had just met a great guy on eHarmony, and we were talking every day. I hoped that I had finally met the man that I had been waiting for my whole life. You see, as most of you know, I’ve been perpetually single for a LONG time. But that’s not what we’re talking about right now. Back to the story. In June I went to visit this special person, and everything was perfect. I started making plans to resign from the ship and move to Rochester, NY. I was in prayer the whole time. So was everyone in my family. I felt like the Lord was leading me to make this move. I basically gave up everything I knew, moved a thousand miles away from my family and most of my friends. I started over with a place to live, a new job, a new church, completely out of my comfort zone. But I was so happy. My 20-year-old dream was finally coming true.

You can imagine my surprise – no, my heartbreak – when things did not work out. Only three months later, I heard the words that no one wants to hear, like I was the lead character in the middle of a romantic comedy. “Need space”, “too fast”, “for the best.” I felt like a fool for giving up my whole life for this.

Once I could think straight again, I started making plans to move back home. I had used all my savings to move the first time, so I would have to start all over again. The trouble is that a moving truck costs three times as much to move south than it does to move north. I decided that I would never be able to save the money while I’m still paying rent. My new plan was to break my lease, leave most of my things in storage in Rochester, and drive south. Rather than moving back in with my parents in Atlanta, which felt like failure, I decided to head toward Orlando and stay with my sister and brother-in-law. I would work hard, save money, and come back for my stuff later. Of course I’ve been in prayer about this as well.

It sounds like a good plan, right? I’ve made many efforts to earn more money. I’m starting two new jobs, selling almost everything I can on ebay, and planning a yard sale. Here’s the thing – it’s still going to take several months to save the gas money and something to live on. Even then I will have to come back for what’s left of my stuff. It could be another six months before I could make that happen. All I want to do is leave and never look back. I want to shake the Rochester dust off and be done with it. Here’s where you come in.

I feel like I might be crazy for doing this, but this is how much I just want to go home. I’m setting up a fundraiser for myself. I’m stuck in a place that I don’t want to be, and everything here just reminds me of heartache and sadness. And snow. So many of you have already been praying for me, and I can’t thank you enough. I can definitely feel it. Others have already asked if there’s anything else they can do. Here’s your chance. I’m setting it all up on Paypal, which is easy to set up and use if you don’t already have an account. If each one of my Facebook friends gives $5, I can move home without leaving my things behind. Then I can truly heal and move on. I wanted to allow folks to give any size contribution, even just $1, but the website won’t let me. If you would rather, I can give you my mailing address, and you can donate the old-fashioned way. Obviously not everyone is going to participate, but I will be thankful for anything you can do. I hope that most of you know me well enough to know that it’s not easy for me to ask for this kind of help, but I am so desperate that I’m going to do it anyway. Will you please help this Southern girl get back to her natural habitat?

Operators are standing by.


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One Response to Bring Becky Back

  1. Drea says:

    Why not check ride boards at local colleges or Craig’s List?

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