Dear Faithful Readers,

I’ve been doing some thinking about this tired ol’ blog, and I have an idea.  Actually, I have a few ideas.  I just have to be committed to taking the time to flesh them out.  Ew, flesh is sort of a gross word.  That’s not part of the idea.  Moving on.

Creatively speaking, I find that I’m much better at being creative when I’m limited in some way.  It’s ironic, if you think about it.  When I sit down to write, and I don’t have anything in mind, I get stuck.  A few weeks ago, I thought about an idea for a post that would be in the form of a letter.  Then I thought, “What if all my posts are letters?”  And then I started having one idea after another.  So I’m going to do it.  Starting with this post, all posts will be letters to someone or something.

Think about it…right now I’m writing a letter to anyone that hasn’t given up on this little blog.  Maybe I’ll write letters to God, myself, stuff I like, stuff I hate, real things, imaginary things, you never know.  Maybe it will last, maybe it won’t, but I like the idea.

I’m also going to change the look and the name to fit the theme, so don’t be alarmed.  It’s still me.


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2 Responses to Dear Faithful Readers,

  1. Becky says:

    Sounds good to me. I like reading your blogs, or letters if I may. Love ya girl and miss ya

  2. Marci says:

    Please just do something. :0)

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