Stop the presses

Sometimes brilliant ideas just don’t come to pass.

When I was researching and brainstorming for things to do at KidsPointe for the two Sundays prior to Thanksgiving, I had what I thought was a brilliant idea.  I wanted to have a KidsPointe Thanksgiving Parade.  You know, like Macy’s, only a little smaller.  Each class was going to have it’s own theme with a float and costumes.  There would be pilgrims in the Mayflower, Indians around a teepee, scarecrows in a cornfield, football players, cheerleaders, turkeys, pumpkins and a kazoo marching band.  We were even going to have knights and princesses as a teaser for the next series starting in January.  All the floats were going to be made of paper mache, and I had already placed an all call for newspaper all over Moncks Corner.  Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

Yeah, that’s why we’re not doing it.

I just didn’t get going on it in time.  I’m disappointed in myself for not following through on a good idea.  However, I know it would have taken a lot of energy for not much return.  There’s so much more that I need to work on that has to do with actually teaching kids about Jesus.  I know, how ’bout you guys just imagine what it would have looked like, and then we’ll just pretend it actually happened.  That’s a lot less work.

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4 Responses to Stop the presses

  1. Dita says:

    You can still do a parade and just have the kids make a poster to tote in the parade and I am sure many of them have costumes (some appropriate anyway) to wear in the parade. Hummmm… I feel like you have challenged us to think of ideas… lol. Can you make babies wear turkey hats :)))))

  2. chaotic joy says:

    Hey Becky. I know it’s a bit late now, but I teach children’s choir. You can pull off a “Praise Parade” fairly easily. I am not sure what ages are included in KidsPointe. But you can have your preschoolers decorate drums. Lots of food containers make great drums (Those plastic coffee cans are the best.) and wear Indian Feather headbands. You can have other kids make other instruments (Egg shakers, streamers, etc can all be done in like 5 minutes) and wear pilgrim hats. The older kids can make posters and you can give them bells or Kazoos. They you find an obnoxious marching type of praise music and have them march through the halls. The kids and Parents love it.

    I know it’s probably too late to do this for Thanksgiving, but we don’t usually do this in association with any holiday. So you could do it anytime. We usually have the kids learn the song (You know, because it’s choir) but you wouldn’t have to. You could just lead the parade with a portable CD player. I usually incorporate the theme “I love to praise the Lord!”

  3. brownam64 says:

    oooohhhh count me in for next year! I always wanted to be in a parade! I would LOVE to help!

  4. Mark Naylor says:

    HI how are you e mail me i miss you love your friend mark ps me and michele have a place i helena,mt

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