My only mistake was the shoes

In my effort to lose weight without actually changing what I eat, I’ve decided to walk more.  I did a few trial walks on the weekend when I don’t have to worry about the time.  I walked from my house to Wholly Ground, then I walked from my house to Blockbuster and back.  Both of these locations are so close to the church that I knew I could walk to work in about 45 minutes.  I planned to do this earlier in the week a few times, but I kept oversleeping.  This morning I woke up in plenty of time, so I decided to make it happen.

As I prepared my mind for this undertaking, I was also planning out my clothing ensemble for the day.  I never quite got over the desire to wear the outfit that I couldn’t find the shirt for on Tuesday.  I found the shirt and picked out appropriate shoes and jewelry to match.  Everything was going great.

I slipped on my silver strappy high-heeled sandals, and I thought, “Should I wear sneakers and just bring these with me?”  “No, I can make it.  I’m tough,” was my answer to myself.

I quickly planned in my head my route.  It’s pretty much a straight shot, but I wanted to make sure I was safe and cool.  I decided when I would make my crosses and what side of the road would be shadiest.  I noticed buildings I had never paid attention to when I’m in my car.  I waved at a family that was walking on the other side of the street.

About halfway to work I realized that the shoe choice was a big mistake.  When I reached the big intersection of Main Street and Highway 52, I could feel the liquid squishing inside the blisters forming on the bottoms of my feet.  As I approached the far end of the church parking lot, a gold-toothed man on a motorcycle asked what a beautiful woman like me was doing walking this morning.  I said, “I’m going to work, and I work at a church.”  That was enough for him, and he drove away.  I was thankful because if he had offered, I might have taken a ride from him, and my life might have gone in a whole new direction.

Next time I will wear the sneakers.

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6 Responses to My only mistake was the shoes

  1. Tena says:

    Now more than ever I am glad that you stuck your head in this morning and said hello…what would we do if you had chosen to ride off into the “sunrise” with the gold-toothed man!

    Just so you know-you looked beautiful-we had no idea when you stopped that you had been walking…if you would of told us you had blisters, we probably would of rubbed your feet for you! Too late now 🙂

    GREAT JOB!!!

  2. chaotic joy says:

    Ow. Ow. Ow. But good for you.

  3. Chastity Allen says:

    I wish I could have seen the look on the guys face when you said you worked at a church….priceless…so you ever have a dull story! Congrats on walking like that…I am “planning” on starting to walk eventually. I keep saying every year that I want to do the Cooper River Bridge walk…but never quite get there….I am so proud of you for the resolve to actually walk to work!

  4. chrissy says:

    You could have lived quite the life of adventure on the back of that bike. Now we’ll never know what might have happened.

  5. ~Ashley~ says:

    I don’t think I’ve laughed THAT hard in a LONG time. You really do brighten my days with your incredible gift of storytelling!

    Love you Becky Ray! Life would NOT be the same without YOU IN IT!

    I can just see you now…biker chic – leather chaps, oh my ;D!

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