Yeah, you could say that

So here’s a little bit of what is going on with me.

A key ministry leader has moved on, and I must keep the Tot’s Landing plane flying until we find a replacement.

Just when I thought I might get to go to church again, one of my valued KidsPointe leaders feels that it is time to answer the call to another form of ministry.

We’re starting a Wednesday night children’s ministry. That means choosing a mission, solidifying the curriculum and recruiting a team.

So I’m a little stressed. Despite all of that, I’m choosing not to be worried. God already knew that this was coming, and He’s got it all figured out. That being said, if you’ve been thinking about serving in the children’s ministry, now would be the time.

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2 Responses to Yeah, you could say that

  1. Michelle Morse says:

    Becky, sorry you’re stressed! this is my only way to reach you so if you don’t read my blog,, i tagged you as tracy wade tagged me. read it and carry on. oh yea, are you into this january residence life reunion at all? McAlhaney and I are the creative brains at the moment, yes that is scary. email me at Praying for you!

  2. Patsy VanPelt says:

    Hi Becky and Michelle,

    Rick tld me that yall talked about our availability to serve at kids pointe. Talk to me. I may be interested. My education was in early childhood education, and I landed in the dental field 34 yrs ago! Wow, huh?
    I know Rick told you we have a transformation problem. I don’t think we have a problem, we just need to do it! Don’t know how, but God will find a way for me. THANKS FOR THINKING OF US.


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