Preschool Pick-up Lines

When I was in Blockbuster the other day, I overheard a funny conversation.  It started with a girl about 3 years old.  Somehow kids know that I’m the type of person that will make funny faces at them, and this little girl kept popping out of her aisle to see if I would smile or do something silly.  I did.  Then I walked passed her, and a little boy led his mom around the corner.  The mom was saying, “What is it, honey?  Oh, you want to talk to the little girl?  Well, say hi to her.”  The little boy had obviously been smitten by her feminine wiles before I encountered her.  He stood there, opening and closing his hand in nervousness.  You could almost read the thoughts on his face, “What do I say?  What do I say?  I want her to like me.”  Finally, after much suspense, he formulated a sentence. 

“Do you know what two plus one is?  It’s three.”

The little girl laughed, held up three fingers, and said, “Three.”

Clearly this was the exact response the little boy was looking for because he laughed, did a little dance, and ran away.


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One Response to Preschool Pick-up Lines

  1. dmac294 says:

    Sadly , In 20 years, this young child will have no better line than that one. That’s about when we hit our peek.

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