Starlight Station

Okay, so my recap of my vacation is finally over.  There was still plenty more to write about, but enough is enough.  Back to real life.  Today was the first day of our new series at KidsPointe, and IT WAS AWESOME!!!  Please don’t take my use of the Caps Lock lightly – it doesn’t happen very often.  The set looked great – see for yourself!


(Sorry for the picture quality – I’m back to using my camera phone again.)  The skit was really fun, and I got to use a puppet, so I was happy.  The kids seemed to really get into everything.  I’m telling you, this is not your mama’s children’s church.  We are going the extra mile to make sure the kids of Pointe North hear the message and have fun doing it.  Come check us out!

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3 Responses to Starlight Station

  1. Ashley C says:

    Thank you to the ENTIRE TEAM of Pointe North KP workers!!! I am so very grateful that YOU [every one of you] put so much into making Sunday mornings an INCREDIBLE experience for my family! YOU HONKIN’ ROCK!

  2. brownam64 says:

    Linda Biglin ROCKS! Hee hee. I am a little bias, but the set really doee look great!

  3. spamynetwork says:

    YES. It was awesome. How’d you like that dancin? All I needed was a donkey…..and an angel 🙂

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