Rome – Day One

Sorry for the brief hiatus – I decided to take an impromptu trip to Atlanta to visit my folks.  Now we return to our regularly scheduled vacation-induced posting.

On Day Five of the vacation, Mandy and I woke up before the crack of dawn to get to the airport.  We took the earliest flight so that we would have most of the day in Rome.  The first thing we did was see the Colosseum.


We took a tour, and our tour guide was kind of funny.  His famous line was, “The Colosseum used to be covered with beautiful white marble.  If you want to know where is the marble, go to the Vatican.  Ask the Pope.”  Imagine this spoken with a pretty thick Italian accent.

Then we went to the Old Vatican.


The thing about Europe, especially the churches, is that everything is so beautiful.  There’s art everywhere you look.  The best way to sum up the trip to Rome is to say that we just walked our feet off trying to see everything.  I’ve already explained that I’m not good at remembering facts or useful information, but I do have a lot of pretty pictures.  Here’s some of them.



In the afternoon we took a tour of the Roman forum and the Palatine hill.



That night we walked back to the Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine because I wanted to see them all lit up.  We also went to the Trevi fountain.



Stay tuned for more Rome tomorrow.  (Have you ever noticed that “Rome” and “more” have the same letters?)

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4 Responses to Rome – Day One

  1. Ashley C says:

    And your brief trip to Atlanta was SO healthy! Let’s see, “I’ll have some soda, Pringles, and CANDY!”

    Think the kids at KP are rubbing off on you!


    So glad you had a blast on your vacation! Your pics are incredible!

  2. i’m really lovin’ your picture taking ability!! They are all so good! You shouldbe framing some of these……do I smell a craft project?

  3. spamynetwork says:

    So you must have REALLY liked Rome – lots of pictures and I LOVE it. Thanks for sharing your vacation with all of us.

  4. Vanessa says:

    Hey Becky! I got here through Erika’s blog. 🙂 SO COOL that you got to visit Mandy in Europe before she moved. It looks like you guys had so much fun.

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