Neuleiningen and the Rhine

On the third day we stayed relatively close to Mandy and Colin’s house.  We drove (in Colin’s new BMW) to a town called Neuleiningen and had lunch.  We ate outside, and the view was picturesque.  And the meal was delicious.


After lunch we drove to the Rhine River, hoping to take a cruise and see the castles on the hillside.  We arrived a little too late, so we decided to just drive along the river.  It is really hard to see casles when you are whizzing by them at 100 mph.  (Colin was a little excited about his new car.)  However we did get an close-up view of a bee on the windshield.


 Look close – you can see the stripes.  And the guts flying out of it.  Tomorrow – Rome!

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3 Responses to Neuleiningen and the Rhine

  1. Fozzy says:

    PETA will be interested to know how you and your kind treat our Bee friends, Freuline !!

  2. i want more details on what that food was. plus, I want some frosted flakes. I’ll work on the flakes, while you work on the food desciption, K?

  3. beckyray says:

    The food was an enormous, juicy, delicious steak. It had mushrooms and garlic sauce all over it, plus three big pats of garlic butter on top. In the bowl to the left you will find potato croquets.

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