t-shirts for sale

Good news!  Now your kids can be walking advertisements for an awesome children’s program!  KidsPointe t-shirts are on sale now!  We only have child sizes, and they are a steal at $10 each.  Supplies are running out fast.

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3 Responses to t-shirts for sale

  1. michele says:

    aren’t you supposed to be on vacation? or have you taken a job as a traveling salesman!

  2. Tena says:

    Michele, now “the bad guys that might be staking me out for an opportunity to break into my apartment and steal my new vacuum and my priceless Muppet memorabilia collection” have been notified! GREAT!

  3. SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY…..come to church and get refreshed in God. ps–you could wear your tee shirts with other folks who have the same fashion ideas.

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