A New Level of Ministry

Sorry I’ve been a bit scarce lately, but my reason is halfway good.  And I’m about to get a lot scarcer (more scarce?).  I may or may not be leaving the country on the morrow.  (The “may not” is for the bad guys that might be staking me out for an opportunity to break into my apartment and steal my new vacuum and my priceless Muppet memorabilia collection.  Better luck next time, bad guys!  I’ve completely thrown you off this time!)  Anyway, instead of posting, I’ve been using my time in front of the computer to actually do work.  *gasp*

Here’s the deal.  Through an unexpected course of events that have worked entirely in my favor, I have been granted an assistant.  Michele is now transitioning from the creative arts team to the KidsPointe team, and I’m stoked.  After spending the last three weekends holed up in KidsPointe breathing pure contact cement fumes, I am glad to have a full-time extra pair of hands around.  (No, this is not my chosen form of escape – I was making puppets, people!  Quit jumping to conclusions and starting rumors about the “habits” of the children’s pastor.)  What is wrong with me?  I’m all over the place today.

The even greater news is that this comes at an excellent time.  In the spirit of taking risks,I have been blessed with some really fun ideas for KidsPointe.  I’ll reveal all that when the time is right.  I just have to say that as a creative person, it feels so good to have the creative wheels turning again.  Now that I’ve got a semi-decent hold on the logistics of making KidsPointe run, I’m glad that now we can work on making it an awesome experience every week.  By the way, we’ve added a few more faces to the KidsPointe Sunday morning crew, but we need more!  If you’re not serving somewhere, call me!

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One Response to A New Level of Ministry

  1. Dave Rockinfella says:

    so umm, any attachments on that vacuum? i know you’re back and all, but i’m planning for the future. i would give u my blog site but it’s generally geared toward the few “other” friends that read it and i don’t want you biting critisism.

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