The crud again

I guess the germs heard me talking about them, and they didn’t like it.  I had a garden hose nose yesterday, and today I’ve got the throat aches.  What is the deal?!  I went into Sunny’s office yesterday and said, “I think I’m getting sick again.”  She said, “No, don’t do that!”  I said, “I know!  It’s been awhile since I’ve been sick.”  She said, “No, it hasn’t.”  It’s been about 6 weeks.  That feels like a lot to me since I’ve had one illness after another since I started working here.  I guess it’s the same thing that teachers go through when they start teaching.  There’s always a lot of advice that comes with each illness. 

“You should take vitamins.” 

“Are you getting enough sleep?”

“Try changing the air filters in your house.”

“Well, you probably don’t have a cold.  What you have is allergies.  Even people that don’t have allergies have allergies right now.”

I prefer the take-it-as-it-comes approach.  Sickness is part of life.  I feel like the effort of getting through it is far less than the effort that most people exert to avoid it.   But that doesn’t mean I won’t whine.  I will always whine.  Waaahhh. 

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4 Responses to The crud again

  1. Keeley says:

    When I first started teaching, I stayed sick too! Everyone kept telling me to take this stuff called “Airborne” as soon as I felt like I was getting sick. It’s this vitamin filled concoction. I bought some but never took it. I have some in my medicine cabinet if you would like to try. Don’t know what else to tell you except that it will get better. Eventually, like a year from now, you will become immune to the germs that come with being around kids all of the time.

  2. sean rheaume says:

    per your lat post maybe there is too much stress in your life.

  3. beckyray says:

    What else is new?! Waaahhh, again!

  4. There is this miracle stuff out there that’s supposed to really help cure u when your sick like this. You may have already heard about it. It’s called IRON EVASION….I think.

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