You make me sick!

Part of my weekday (and sometimes weekend) morning ritual is watching the Today Show.  A few weeks ago they featured a story about some medical research, and the subject is still on my mind.  The research concluded that children who had anxious or depressed parents are more likely to get sick.  I obviously don’t have children, but knowing about them is definitely part of my job.  I actually have an auto-immune disease (lupus), so I know how much stress can affect the immune system.  When I started contemplating how this would affect children and families, it made total sense.  As adults, we often over-dramatize the events of our lives.  Sometimes it is for no other reason than entertainment value.  The trouble is that kids have very abstract minds; they hear our voices and feel the tension.  They may not know that the issue is not all that serious.  They feel the stress, and their immune system just weakens.  With that in mind, it’s amazing that the kids are as healthy as they are!  So to all you parents, if you don’t mind taking advice from a non-parent, watch your stress levels around the kiddos.  I will, too, and maybe we’ll all be healthier.

If you want to read more, here is an article.

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