Fried Green Tomatoes

Although I do not have a thick accent, and I do not like county music at all, I am Southern.  There are a few times when this is clearly evident.  Here are some examples:

1.  The laser show at Stone Mountain Park.  I don’t know what happens to me, but when “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” starts up, I am slapping my knee and yee-hawing like I mean it.  I know every word.  Let’s not even mention the moment when the Generals take their hats off and ride off the side of the mountain and the sword breaks and the states come back together. . .it’s beautiful.  If there was an Oscar category for brilliance in laser technology on gigantic pieces of granite, then the laser show would totally win.

2.  The singing of hymns.  I know this admission may make me unpopular, but I still love to sing them.  I was raised as a Southern Baptist, and there is just something comforting about a four-verse, four-part harmony.  Sometimes a hymn will sneak into a modern worship service and masquerade as a Chris Tomlin, Steve Fee, whoever is popular original, but I know the truth.  And I know the alto part. 

3.  Fried Green Tomatoes.  I admit that I did not grow up eating these.  I think if most Southerners are honest, no one really ate them until after the movie.  However, now that I can cook them, I feel more Southern.  Most folks use cornmeal to bread them, but this is not the best way.  Nor is it the tastiest.  Let me share my method with you.  I learned this superior recipe from Cathy Mc.  First, crunch up some Ritz crackers.  Sprinkle in some cayenne pepper to taste.  Beat an egg.  Slice the green tomato as thin as you can.  Dip the slice in the egg, then the cracker crumbs, then back in the egg, then back in the cracker crumbs.  Then smack it down in the pan of hot oil.  Flip it when it gets brown.  Enjoy. 

These are just a few of the things that show my Southern-ness.  Can anyone identify?

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8 Responses to Fried Green Tomatoes

  1. Hey, I am soooooo southern! I love country music, I adore all who have served and currently serve in our armed forces to allow us our freedom, I too grew up southern baptist and love a good ol hymn every now and then. I actually had a cd by country artist of some of them, but it broke and I have yet to replace it. Putting that on my list. And I grew up eating fried green tomatoes! Yummmmm! No cayenne for me though, I am not the spicy food eater.

    P.S. I have a granddaughter in KidsPointe and I want to thank you for your obedience to God, and your committment to growth in the children’s spiritual walk.

    Blessings to you this day. Me!

  2. chrissy says:

    When I hear ‘Devil went down to Ga’ on the radio, I can mentally replay the entire laser video, down to the granny dancing with the dog.

    Also, I’ve been thinking about learning to fry okra. (pronounced okree)

    Yee ha.

  3. Carrie says:

    So, I don’t know if I told you this story but it’s a good example of how the laser show is awesome. I went to a little hole in the wall with some friends to sing karaoke and people sang so many laser show songs I felt like I was watching it. Some little girl sang “Rocky Top.” There was an off key rendition of “Georgia On My Mind.” And of course, as with any little hole in the wall place, someone has to sing “Proud To Be an American.” The funny thing was that all my friends were shocked that I knew every word to all these songs. They had no idea I was so southern. Then I got in my car and put on my laser show playlist and sang Dixie by Elvis at the top of my lungs. Yeah for growing up in the south.

  4. Chastity Allen says:

    I am definately a Southern Mom! I love tractors…my first date with my husband was to the Burger King….I too was raised Southern Baptist…the only church the South “used” to have…and I am a sucker for “The Lily of the Valley” I cry everytime….fried green tomatoes…only when I am pregnant and God willing THAT will never happen again…and I totally get the “uncool” country music…I was country when country wasn’t cool….yes, we can thank Barbara Mandrel for THAT gem I think!

  5. Ashley C says:

    You’re NUTS Becky R…Whatever, I’m a ‘yankee’ cause I grew up in NORTH Carolina…

    Anyway, I just want to say that all this ‘animation’ HAS to be rubbing off on your team. . . is there such thing as an “animation conference”?

    We are very thrilled with the changes you’ve brought to the kids ministry – the kids LOVE it…they say the only reason it isn’t perfect is because “Mr. Scott isn’t there”.

    Keep up the great work~It thrills me to see my kiddos growing!

  6. z. says:

    One of the things that I have loved about being your friend is learning about Southern food. I’ll never forget when Amy told that waitress at Sticky Fingers that I had never had sweet tea before, she nearly fell over. I miss the food in the south for sure. Almost as much as I miss you. 🙂 BTW – it’s hard to find green tomatoes up here, you have to know someone who has a garden.

  7. keeleystephens says:

    Becky-I decided to reply to this post on my blog. You must check it out and tell me what you think. I totally stole your blog idea!

  8. Three memories popped into my head after reading this entry. To feed your love of the recap I’ll reshare them with you.

    1st memory- REGUARDING HYMNS-The first time you were old enough to give blood at the church/Red Cross blood drive. Danielle and I stood by your side and sang, ” There is power, power wonder working power in the blood…in the blood of Becky…” and “Nothing but the blood of Becky” I know weird, morbid and Yes very funny to boot.

    2nd Memory – REGUARDING THE LASER SHOW-youth trip to the laser show. Aunt Elaine Swanson brought a cooler jammed full of food. Phil Chafin takes off his shoe and somehow his great toe enters his mouth. When everybody cringes and gets sick he says, “What? It’s clean….it’s been in my sock all day” *Insert gag here*

    3rd, last and funniest memory-REGUARDING SOUTHERN FOOD-i’m married by now, but miss you and Tim (he’s of to war) so I visit you in CONN. Your friend knows her way around NYC so we take a little exscursion there for the day. We walk, millions of miles around the city and try to find this ” awesome restaurant” that your friend swears is great, delicious, and unforgetable….We will love it!!! too excited and too tired to walk anywhere else, due to exhaustion. TA Freakin’ DA ….it’s a “Southern Cuisine” Restaurant. I was interested in getting the gator…since as the most southern person i know, besides rednecks that i am related to and i’ve never had it. I go with the cedar planked salmon instead. It was scrumptious, yet again not a southern delicasy that i’d ever had though. The cherry on top, no sweet tea. I was a great adventure and hopefully a great memory and not a waste of your reading time!!!

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