Workin’ for a livin’

My posts are bound to be a little boring this week.  Or exciting, depending on how you look at it.  I am typing this post from my new office in our new building, so that’s pretty exciting.  This week is going to be a flurry of activity for all of us as we finish getting the new building ready and transfer the old youth building to the new children’s building.  We had our easter services in rooms with almost no furniture, but that is because some great KidsPointe leaders came on Saturday to move everything to our new location.  When we opened the Uhaul truck to unload it, this is what we found:

gumballtruck.jpg     gumball-team.jpg

The clear plastic tub with the blue lid was completely filled with gumballs.  I think you can tell what happened.  My team members promptly declared, “God made dirt, and dirt don’t hurt!”  A little bottom-of-the-rented-truck never hurt anybody.  I, on the other hand, used this as an excuse to get rid of these gumballs.  I don’t like scraping it off of furniture and picking it out of children’s hair and clothing,  thank you very much.  They’re gone, out of my life!  Sorry, kids.

So, on to the next challenge.  We have one week until our first live KidsPointe performance.  Pray for us!

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4 Responses to Workin’ for a livin’

  1. feagin says:

    Bless you!!! I can’t stand gumballs either…they just don’t seem to stay in the mouth at my house. We have to peel it up off the floor/ seats of the car/ house…I think mine will be adults before gum is a regular item for them!!

  2. chrissy says:

    I love how you ratted them out for eating dirty gum, and included the photo evidence as well. Awesome.

  3. spamynetwork says:

    May I add that the trip from the old building to the new was only a two block trip. Must have been one crazy driver. At least gumballs were the only thing that we ‘lost’. We sho’ did pack that U-Haul though.

  4. Heather Martin says:

    Becky…if you guys ever need snacks donated in lieu of those bubble gum balls, please let me know. I love baking and Haley does too!

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