American Idol Predictions


I have many secret obsessions.  American Idol is one of them.  Unfortunately it is very time-consuming.  Not only does it air 2-3 times a week, but I often find myself being sucked into about half a dozen recap shows.  Not to mention the fact that I want to discuss every minute detail of every episode with anyone I know that watches.  Last night’s results were so upsetting to me that I had to devote a post to it.  I have some thoughts.

1.  I love Carly Smithson, David Cook, Brooke White and David Archuleta.

2.  I like Michael Johns, Jason Castro, Syesha Mercado, Amanda Overmyer and Chikezie.

3.  I don’t really like Ramiele Malubay or Kristy Lee Cook.

4.  I am sad to see Amanda Overmyer go.  I couldn’t see her actually winning the thing, but I was always excited to see what she was going to do. 

5.  Carly Smithson in the Bottom 3?  Not okay!

I have 2 predictions:  1) David Cook, David Archuleta and Carly Smithson will be the Top 3.  2) Kristy Lee Cook is the new Sanjaya.  I think the only thing saving her from elimination is that the same sadistic crazy people that voted to keep a rotten performer in the competition last year are doing it again this year.  You heard it here first, folks.  What are your thoughts?

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2 Responses to American Idol Predictions

  1. chaotic joy says:

    Hey Becky. My thoughts are that I am thrilled Amanda went home. I never could even stand to listen to her scream her songs all the way through. It’s true.

    My favorites. Brooke White and David Cook. I think they have the most commercial voices. I like little David (how I think of him) too. Allison loves him, though, so I think he has the eleven year old vote. Chikezie is growing on me but he won’t win.

    That’s what I think.

  2. Heather Martin says:

    I like Brooke, David and Michael, but all in all I think after so many seasons the show is just really getting worn out. I used to be addicted and I voted every week. Now I’m happy with watching the couple that I like and maybe catching clips of the others. I don’t even vote for my favorite anymore. The one good thing is that they actually added instruments this year for the singers to showcase additional talent. That was a nice touch.

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