Speaking of a new creation. . .the puppets are done

We finished up the Zooplosion puppets last night!  Here’s what they look like:

sheep.jpg     parrot1.jpg

elephantlionostrich.jpg     anteater1.jpg

The sheep:  This one is the simplest (most simple?).  No moving parts, just a handle on the back. 

The parrot:  I think this one is my favorite so far.  The head moves.

The elephantlionostrich:  It’s big.  The trunk moves.  The elephant’s name is “Little Orphan Elephant” because he doesn’t have pupils in his eyes.  You know, now that I look at it, none of them have pupils.  Hmmm.

The anteater:  The head and the tail move, and theoretically the tongue goes in and out.  I’m not sure if I will actually do that though.  For one, it’s tricky to hold the puppet and do the tongue movement at the same time.  For two, it looks kinda weird, in a bad way.

The trickiest part was gluing the paper front to the styrofoam back.  First I tried spray adhesive, but it was not strong enough.  Plus I could not stand any more complaining about the smell!!!!  You know who you are!  I finally settled on contact cement.  It worked very well, as I knew it would.  I was very entertained by the chemical reaction that took place when the contact cement touched the raw styrofoam.  Or maybe the fumes were affecting my brain.  And by the way I used the contact cement outside so as not to disturb the delicate senses of some people in this office.  You know who you are – Michele!

Thanks to Maddy for helping me glue, and thanks to Tena and Sica for helping me paint!  Big ups!  And not thanks to Michele for whining.  Big downs!

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5 Responses to Speaking of a new creation. . .the puppets are done

  1. michele says:

    i was only complaining because i wasn’t in my right mind. i would say i was (high) from the smell, but this is a church blog- i mean post. i think. anyway, they all turned out great. i’m excited for you.

  2. beckyray says:

    And for those that are thinking, “Oh, man, I wanted to help make the puppets,” don’t worry. These puppets are just for the first week. There’s plenty more to do!

  3. Amy says:

    They look GREAT! I can’t wait to see the kids’ reactions.

  4. Chastity Allen says:

    WOW! I cannot wait to hear what Joe and Katlynn come home sayin’ about these! They look amazing! You guys have done a fantaastic job!

  5. daniel white says:

    Hey what kind of paper did you use, when you painted the animals? I’m about to make these for my 1st-3rd set design!


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