Happy St. Patty’s Day


Here’s a personal Irish story from my past.  Before I began my illustrious career as a Children’s Pastor, I had many thankless jobs.  At one time I was third-shift front desk person at the lovely Marriott hotel in Duluth, Georgia.  Due to the hours I worked (11pm – 7am), most of the clientele I encountered were either drunk or cranky.  However there were times when a music group or sports team would arrive at an odd hour due to their traveling schedule.  This was the case when some soccer team from Ireland paid us a visit.  It was right at the beginning of my shift, so most of the team members were already settled by the time I got there.  I was able to assist one of the players, and I asked for his name to begin the checking in process.  It was Jimmy O’Donovan, or something equally Irish.  When his reservation came up on my computer, his address said that he was from County Cork, Ireland.  “That’s so cute!” I thought to myself.  Throughout the conversation, everything he said was so Irish.  And, like most girls, I’m a sucker for an accent.   With most guests I would usually squeak by with the least amount of interaction; at that hour everyone just wants to go to bed, including me.  However, since I just wanted to hear more Irishness, I confirmed every detail and asked him all the questions I could think of.  I asked, “Would you like a wake-up call?”  He said, “Yes, 6:45.”  I didn’t understand him at first because it sounded like, “Yes, Six fahrty-feif.”  I made him say it again.  “Six fahrty-feif,” he repeated.  I thought this was so cute that I turned red and giggled an “All set, have a good night!” 

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One Response to Happy St. Patty’s Day

  1. chrissy says:

    I’m sure he has a similar story about the giggly American with a southern accent.

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