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I’ve been in such a Beatles mood lately.  You can look at my music selection on the side there and tell it.  It usually happens around this time every year – tax time.  It’s kind of funny, I think.  Revolver makes its way into my CD player, and “Taxman” can be heard across three counties.  I love the Beatles.  I grew up listening to them.  Before my parents met, my mom liked the early Beatles, my dad liked the later Beatles, so together they had almost every album.  We even had two copies of some of them.  When I was old enough to make my own choices, I would still listen to them.  I would take the records (you know, the big, round, flat, black things) to my room and listen to them for hours.  Sgt. Pepper’s was my favorite.  In my humble opinion, even though I wasn’t around in their heyday, the Beatles have influenced every single artist that came after them.  They did things that had never been done before, and never will again.  The rights to their music are guarded so closely that they seem to be very difficult to repeat – literally.  However last night on American Idol (one of my secret obsessions), the Lennon/McCartney songbook was released from its prison.  I was excited to see how this would play out.  I was certain that I would love some of it and hate some of it.  And that is exactly what happened.  I completely identified with the finalists that sounded like me — they grew up listening to the Beatles, and the Fab Four held a special place in their personal, and now professional, life.  I even cried a little at one performance.  Then there were the finalists that actually admitted that they had never heard of any of the Beatles’ music.  How can this be? If you are going to be a superstar musician, you better acquaint yourself with the music that got you where you are, whether you realize it or not!   Whenever I am singing along with a Beatles tune, and someone says, “What is this song?  Who sings this?” my heart breaks a little.  So get on iTunes, or download an MP3, or whatever you do, and get some John, Paul, George and Ringo in your life!  Please!

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3 Responses to Lennon/McCartney

  1. Wendy says:

    A little side note about the Beatles…Once John was working in the basement listening to The White Album when Natalie was 2. Later that day, she started humming the cello line from “Piggies”. I couldn’t believe it!

    I agree, HOW in the world can you have gone through life without hearing one single song by them?

  2. maddy says:

    wow, i like them and sometimes i’ll hear a song on the radio by them. you rock!!!!!

  3. feagin says:

    Man, we love ’em, and as a musician I GREATLY respect how they evolved as a band…that’s what makes you great!

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