“Fierce” toss pillows

I’m tired of cleaning something up every weekend, so I’m going to make something this weekend, even though the top floor is still a mess.  Over a year ago I bought some fabric (75% off – score!) and some pillow forms with the intention of making some simple toss pillows for my living room.  We’re talking straight lines – not very difficult.  The fabric is a burgundy color with a micro-suede kind of feel.  Some of it has an embroidered, sequin pattern and some is just plain for front and back.  I started to cut the squares out, but I became so anal about making sure the pattern was perfectly centered that I became overwhelmed and left the whole project on the table for months.  Then I had to move and it all got thrown in a box.  And that’s where it is now.  My hope is that with very little work I will end up with some “fierce” pillows. 

I want to talk/type for a moment about this word – fierce.  There are two shows that have drawn me in with the clever use of full-day marathons: “America’s Next Top Model” and “Project Runway.”  Both of these shows use the word fierce extensively.  It usually appears in sentences like these:

“This design is fierce!”

“I’m sorry, but your look needs to be more fierce.”

“Look at my eyes – see how fierce they are?”

Usually the word is pronounced with an exaggerated sss sound at the end, and accompanied by a little toss of the head to demonstrate the emotion of fierce-ness.  The current popularity of this word has destined it for iconic status. Soon fierce will be just as tired and overused as bling-bling and You go, girl.  You’ll know this has occurred when your grandma starts saying it and Webster’s officially adds the definition to the dictionary.

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3 Responses to “Fierce” toss pillows

  1. chaotic joy says:

    Oh I love Project Runway. Its my secret guilty pleasure. Okay not, exactly secret but definitely guilty. Trash TV at it’s finest. I can’t wait to see your fierce pillows!

  2. Ricsha says:

    You used mad skills in writing this blog, homegirl. I’m sure your fierce pillows are going to be phat. You’ll have to have some people over to your crib to show them off. And as for Project Runway – it’s like the most rad show on TV. Designers: Represent!

  3. chrissy says:

    I am going to try to incorporate fierce into my every day language now before it goes out of style. Word to your mutha. (is that outdated?)

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