Jennifer Aniston is Just Like Me

While I was stuck at home this weekend fighting away germs, I watched a lot of entertainment television.  I can’t watch this type of stuff every day because there’s only so much Britney/Paris I can take, but I tend to live vicariously through celebrities, and I need info.  Anyway, the show I was watching is hosted by a comic that was cracking jokes about Jennifer Aniston.  Apparently there had been an event where Brangelina and Jen were both/all in attendance, and a run-in was narrowly avoided.  I mean, didn’t Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston split up ages ago?  Is this really still an issue for her?  This story led into a slew of jokes about Jennifer’s friendship with Courteney Cox and David Arquette.  The host said, “I wonder how many times David Arquette has walked into a restaurant and said, ‘Table for three, please.’ ”  Then it dawned on me, does Jennifer Aniston feel like a third wheel?  Does she feel lonely?  She is just a person, after all, even if she is a celebrity.  All of a sudden I felt a kinship with her – maybe she is sitting by herself on her couch at this very moment, wondering what life has in store for her, hoping for great things, but not sure what to expect.  I’m not saying we should set up a prayer vigil for Jennifer Aniston or anything, but I thought it was an interesting perspective.  What do you think?

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10 Responses to Jennifer Aniston is Just Like Me

  1. maddy says:

    that’s funny i would of never of thought of jennifer being a third wheel even though she’s a celebrity. i think God has great things in store for you even at your age. things appear to me everyday that i would have never of thought about. You however are beautiful and will never lose any of it. i love you girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. beckyray says:

    What do you mean “even at my age?” Watch it, girl!

  3. chrissy says:

    Jennifer Aniston is WAY older than you, Becky. And I seriously doubt she knows how to do puppets, cross stitch, or Dance Praise 2.

  4. Gosh Chrissy you really aer a great friend! Plus, yeah, Becky’s got a slew of talent that is unmatched in the former Jennad…or Brannifer…..whatever!

  5. chaotic joy says:

    I actually think that you have touched one something I think about a lot, while standing in the grocery store checkout line. All those celebrities are just people, like us (well prettier and richer than me – but their insides are the same.) That’s why I wish they would leave people like Brittany and Lindsey alone. They are just kids that have lost their way and how are they ever going to get it together with the world hanging on (and rooting for) their every misstep.

    So I for one, don’t think it’s strange that Jennifer Anniston might also feel like a third wheel at times, I just think it’s sad that people are entertained by making fun of her about it. And I am so glad I don’t have to live out all my insecurities publicly.

    Except, you know, when I choose to on my BLOG! 🙂

  6. Chastity Allen says:

    You have a leg up on Jennifer…you are completely “child friendly”….plus the puppets…plus you clean and decorate your own house…now she is just a “semi” cute girl that USED to be married to a hot guy….

  7. aliciam72 says:

    Yah…. what exactly DOES Maddy mean by “even at your age”? This concerns me more because Jennifer Aniston is MY AGE!!! Possibly a couple years older, but STILL…. what does that say for me?!!! Yikes!!!

    I think its tough for any woman who is single these days. So much is expected of us and thrown on us as what’s right and wrong. It seems like so little is expected of men… most seem to get more great looking with age…. me? I have to work at it the older I get!!!

    Poor Jennifer has cameras on her all the time… that’s gotta suck… I mean really, how many pony tail/hat days does she get to have? I’m thinking that’s a huge decision on lazy mornings when she’s running late… “OH, today is such a pony tail day”… but hello Jennifer, your picture is soooo gonna be taken!!! No… we are truly blessed….. lol 🙂

  8. coffee fiend says:

    Jennifer Aniston is all the rage right now

  9. Jennifer Aniston you are like the best star on the planet and the sweetest. if you remember but you met me and my bro on TRL and you were just so sweet and kind to us. I am a big fan of all of your work

  10. I am so proud that Jennifer Aniston beat Jessica Biel and Kim Kardashian as chosen the sexiest bikini body by the Parade magazine poll. She is really wonderful. I love her in everyway

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