A Story for the Season

Here’s a funny Valentine’s Day anecdote from yours truly.  It’s a true story that happened to me.

It was my freshman year at CSU.  The only year that my mom sent care packages for every holiday.  My usual routine was to check my mail before I went into the caf for lunch, and on Valentine’s Day I happily bounced up to my usual table with a box from home.  I opened it right away, and it looked like Hallmark had exploded in there.  A helium balloon came flying out, and there was enough candy and decorations to share with my entire dorm.  Just then, a guy whose last name used to be a farm animal approached.  I was barely acquainted with him, and I didn’t know what to expect.  As I was squeezing the belly of a stuffed something-or-other, he said, “It’s from your mom, right?”  Then he walked off.  What was that?  Mr. Oink completely burst my little freshman bubble right there in front of everyone.  The crazy thing is that we hung around the same crowd for years, and this was the only thing he ever said to me.  Unfortunately, this is my most memorable Valentine’s Day.  More on this subject tomorrow.

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2 Responses to A Story for the Season

  1. chrissy says:

    ‘A guy whose last name used to be a farm animal’: A man of few words. Thankfully.

  2. Erika says:

    Becky Ray, Becky Ray! I just happened upon your blog as so happens in good old cyberspace:) I love this little story since I so know what and who you are talking about:) So glad life does not stay the same as it was in college right? Speaking of college and blasts from the past…. Tonya Birch now Wollschloeger who resides in Seattle, WA happened to be in SC and popped in on me the other day:) Good to see her , but how random how God brings people back into our lives you know? David Kinard called my husband the other day and said they would be at Unleash. Will you be there, I will and I would love to hug your neck. So good to see all God is doing through you. Let me know at erikaivory@hotmail.com if you read this:)
    Erika Chapman

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