God is generous: I should give back to him!

This was the main point at KidsPointe today.  And it’s true!  I had a lot of things on my mind this week, but God completely provided for all my needs.  We had 42 children in the 9:00 service today, and 17 children in the V.I.P. room!  This tells me one thing – lots of parents at our church are committing to giving their time back to the God that is so generous.  But I’m still not above a shameless plug for my ministry – we need help!  At the end of March we will begin performing the KidsPointe lessons ourselves (instead of watching them on a DVD), so we will need people to perform, teach, run sound and lights, move props, and general crowd control.  This is in addition to the empty slots we already have.  So if you are not serving yet, think about it.  When KidsPointe is the most awesome thing in Moncks Corner, you’re gonna wish you were already a part of it!  God is generous: you should give back to him!  (Is that like “God loves you, and I have a plan for your life”?)

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One Response to God is generous: I should give back to him!

  1. sean rheaume says:

    Close enough…I hope you ministry cup will runneth over.

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