So it’s finally here! Season 4 of Lost starts this week! I can’t type how excited I am! Despite the fact that I spent most of Season 3 pleading with my TV screen, “Please, don’t kill Charlie! Pleeeeeease, don’t kill Charlie!” I’m still ready to watch what happens! (Just in case you haven’t seen it but may still be interested, I won’t say whether or not they did indeed kill Charlie.) Will they be rescued? Does Kate love Jack or Sawyer? Is Locke good or bad? Who is in the coffin in the season 3 finale? I’m sure all these questions have been discussed at length on various fan sites, but I prefer to enjoy the show untainted by the opinions of the masses. I do however enjoy discussing each episode as it happens with friends. So if you’re hooked like me, let me know!

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4 Responses to LOST!

  1. chrissy says:

    HI! Your website is very pretty! So is this in addition or in place of your church one?

    And Coffin! WHAT COFFIN? I’ll be glued to my TV tonight because I remember very little from the last episode.

    I love Charlie so.

  2. beckyray says:

    Yeah, this replaces the church one. The coffin is where Jack and Kate are in the future, I think.

  3. dragonfly says:

    Aaaahhhh! I love Lost! I’m a tiny bit behind though; my husband is in the Army and we’re stationed in Germany. We get special cable (AFN Armed Forces Network) so we can get current tv, but you always get it first. So you get a new episode on Thursdays, we get that new episode on Sundays. Not too bad..

    My husband just saw the season 3 finale, and his comment when he saw the coffin was “it’s a small coffin.” I didn’t even notice that. Interesting…

  4. Rachel says:

    Well…..i’m not so sure that i got what I wanted out of the first new episode, but i’m still obsessed!! I miss you and this blog of yours….Ge dah beck ga he ge dah (hopefully that was clearly stated!!)

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